Maximize the impact of your research

We enable scientists to leverage the potential of their work for the benefits of patients. Working with us means staying involved, gaining top-level support in drug discovery, learning about industry requirements and standards, and a lot more. Together we can add substantial value to your project, preparing it to enter pharmaceutical drug development.



What’s in for you

  • Translate your research into tangible benefits for patients
  • Collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of passionate drug discovery professionals
  • Validate your approach
  • Gain new scientific insights
  • Access valuable tools and compounds for your research
  • Expand the IP basis of your work
  • Share commercial revenues in the event of project success
  • Build contacts to global biotech and pharmaceutical companies


What are the project requirements
  • Your idea or hypothesis is highly innovative and medically relevant
  • You are keen to participate in drug discovery and to continue project-related work in your lab
  • You appreciate lively mutual exchange and close collaboration
  • Your project fits the LDC focus: the development of innovative therapeutics (small molecules, natural products, peptides, biologics, antisense)
  • IP is not needed at this point, will be generated in the course of the collaboration
How does the collaboration work?
  1. Introduction and evaluation of your project
    Please check that all the criteria listed above apply to your project. If so, send us an informal, non-confidential outline or give us a call. If your proposal passes our quick check, we will dive deep into the science, commercialization potential, and competitive landscape around your project.
  2. Securing funds
    Before we start working on your project the financing needs to be settled. Funding can come from a variety of sources including grants, potential industry partners or early-stage investors. We often help with acquiring funds. We have a strong track record in securing grants and attracting partners from industry who are committed to support early drug discovery work.
  3. Initiate the collaboration
    We will set-up the team, negotiate and sign collaboration agreements and start with a joint kick-off meeting.
  4. Live the collaboration
    We will then work together intensely, usually over a period of several months to years, performing step-by-step professional drug discovery including assay development, screening, biology, medicinal chemistry, and pharmacology. An experienced project manager will align all partners making sure that pre-defined milestones are met as scheduled.
  5. Commercialization
    Once we have successfully established a high-quality lead with proof-of-concept in relevant animal models, the project may be transferred to an industry partner for subsequent preclinical and clinical development. LDC has the business development capabilities and network to enable and finalize such deals. Often, the partners remain in contact to secure optimal project progress. Potential returns from milestone payments and licensing revenues will be shared between all partners.