Competencies LDC Antibodies

Integrated drug discovery expertise

LDC has in-house expertise in all the core disciplines of drug discovery: medicinal chemistry, assay development & screening, biology, pharmacology, therapeutic antibodies, project management, business development, and intellectual property. In addition, we draw on the know-how and capabilities of our extensive network in academia and industry whenever needed. Together, we design the best solution for each project, considering its specific requirements and development stage.



Medicinal chemistry
  • All facets of drug design, including rational approaches
  • Establishment of structure-activity-relationship (SAR) and structure-property-relationship (SPR)
  • Multi-parameter optimization (hit-to-lead and lead-to-candidate), identification of drug-like molecules
  • Computational chemistry, cheminformatics, virtual screening
  • (Parallel) Organic synthesis
  • Natural products
  • Peptides
Assay development & screening
  • Development of biochemical, phenotypic and cellular assays for new targets and phenotypes
  • Adaption of existing assays for MTS and HTS (up to 1536-well format)
  • Execution of biochemical and cellular primary screening campaigns on two fully automated robotic systems
  • High content screening
  • Biophysical methods (surface plasmon resonance, microscale thermophoresis, thermal shift assays)
  • State-of-the-art compound logistics including automated sample storage and quality control
  • Centralized data warehouse for registration of compounds, data processing, storage of biological data and data visualization
  • Access to diverse compound collections (internal library and partner libraries)1
  • Support for optimization cycles in medicinal chemistry

1Use of partnered screening facilities and various diverse libraries, e.g., access to professional and proprietary industrial compound libraries holding approx. one million substances.

  • Cellular pharmacology
  • Evaluation of efficacy and toxicity
  • Studies of mode of action, functions and phenotypes of compounds
  • Cellular selectivity
  • Identification of biomarkers and target deconvolution
  • Identification and verification of pharmacodynamic markers
  • Assessment of physicochemical and biopharmaceutical properties, safety and efficacy of drug candidates
  • In vitro ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, toxicity) and DMPK (drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics) profiling
  • In vivo PK/PD studies2
  • Metabolite studies2
  • LC-MS-based bioanalytical investigation
  • Coordination of in vivo efficacy studies2
  • Early toxicity studies, tolerability, genotox, MTD, etc.2

2in vivo studies only carried out in cooperation with our academic partners or with reliable service providers

Therapeutic antibodies
  • Network of versatile antibody generation platforms (hybridoma and phage display)
  • De-risking the antibody development path with respect to productivity, scalability, stability, etc.
  • Antibody engineering and humanization
  • Assay development and antibody lead selection according to industrial standards
Project Management
  • Aligning all players throughout the projects
  • Goal-oriented project management according to industry standards
  • Generating compound profiling cascades
  • Implementing go/no-go decision points
  • Transparent reporting to project investors and partners
  • Coordinating activities of interdisciplinary teams of researchers
  • Monitoring and supporting resource allocation
Business Development
  • Design and implementation of deal structures that meet the needs of all partners
  • Strategic collaborations with pharma/investors
  • Strong pharma/biotech/VC network
  • Expertise in licensing IP and know-how to partners
  • Support with spin-offs
  • Track record in closing deals
Intellectual property
  • Coordination of patent filings and patent management with inventors, project partners and patent attorneys
  • Coordination of due diligences
  • Management of LDC’s IP portfolio